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Control Box
Fail Safe Status Indicator Lights:
  • Green Light - indicates everything is hooked up properly and ready for travel
  • Amber Light with signal chirp - indicates brake activation
  • Flashing Red Light with alarm - indicates a trouble situation(breakaway, disconnect, or hot brake)
Custom Remote Controls:
  • Manual activation - towed vehicle control, separate from the motorhome brakes
  • Momentary Release - Mountain Master exclusive for long down grades with heavy braking
  • Control module is a wired operation and is immune to electrical interference
Contact Info
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Tow Brake, LLC.
17 Highland Cove Highland, AR 72542
Email: sales@towbrake.com

Phone: (800) 927-6778

MountainMaster Tow Brake

An all-electrical/mechanical system, the Mountain Master draws on Tow Brake LLC's years of experience in towed vehicle braking. The Mountain Master brake actuator uses a 6,000RPM sealed electric motor in combination with a worm gear and gear-train. Delivering from 10 to 350 pounds of controlled pressure, the reaction time to full braking is less than .75 seconds. The actuator attaches to the brake pedal and the floor (under the lip of the driver's seat) in the towed vehicle through the use of the quick release pins and mounted brackets.

An insulated six conductor cable goes from the towed vehicle to a control module mounted in the cockpit of the motor home. At 2"h x 3"w, the Mountain Master control module monitors the brake system and provides status lights and alarms, as well as manual engagement and disengagement of the towed brakes. This is a nice feature for heavy traffic and mountain driving. It is good to note that while many systems offer in-cab status systems, very few allow you to actually apply the brakes manually and no other (That we are aware of) allow you to temporarily disengage the brakes. The automatic application of the Mountain Master occurs when the driver applies harder than normal braking pressure to the motor home. Using a combination of the stop-light signal at the motor home foot pedal and a mercury inertia switch, the Mountain Master signals the actuator in the vehicle to apply the towed vehicle's specific amount of pressure for an aggressive but controlled and nonsliding brake action. The mercury switch and stop-light switch work in series and both are required for automatic application. Using low gears or exhaust brakes on steep grades will not trigger the brakes, nor will gentle braking when approaching a stop sign or turn.

It uses a hard wired system and thereby is immune to electrical and radio interference. Other features include: built in break away, a two wire electrical loop within the six conductors wiring harness, therefore eliminating the need to hook up an additional lanyard. This is also an added safety feature because if the loop is broken anywhere, the brake will apply, and a break away alarm will sound.

A bonus to this feature is when parking overnight, the owner can leave the system on and if anyone tried to disconnect the car during the night, they will be a bit hampered with the brakes activated and an alarm sounding in the motor home! Another feature is that one of the wires in the six wire system goes from the motor home battery through an isolation diode to trickle charge the towed vehicle battery. Also a five year warranty is included. Brake systems are to protect your investments as well as provide you with safety on the road and that of others that you share the road with. To quote the seat belt campaign, "The life you save may be your own". While many companies stand behind their products, Tow Brake, LLC is willing to stand in FRONT of their product. Join numerous others who have invested in this system and declare it to be one of the best investments they have ever made!